Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

A Winter Scene in Stephenville!

Check out the big display case in the foyer featuring a winter scene of Stephenville’s past and present! The miniature buildings were handmade by Tarleton alum J. Louis Evans, Class of 1941! We displayed the buildings several times a few years ago, and have once again been given the opportunity to display them by J’s daughter Emily! A side note……..J wrote the now famous “Spirit of Tarleton” speech for Emily’s graduation!

Some of you may recognize a few of the buildings. The Berry Cottage, the John Tarleton Ranch House, and the dogtrot cabin are all located on the Stephenville Museum grounds. Also still standing is the American Legion Hall, the former Dinner Bell restaurant building, St. Luke’ s Episcopal Church, the Trogdon House, the Hunewell Bandstand (although the current one is a replica and is not located where the original was), the courthouse and buildings around the square, as well as the modern Town and Country Bank building on Lingleville Highway!

No longer standing are the old 3 story Stephenville High School building which was located where Hook Elementary now stands, the Woodshed snack shop which was across the street from the old high school, the depot, and the petrified wood Wolfe Nursery building which was located where Jack in the Box now stands! Shown above is Wolfe Nursery around 1940. It is a great view of the entire area which is now Walmart, Jack in the Box, Chili's, Staples, etc! Wow!! What a change!!

Come by and take a look at the great little snapshot of our town!

Good Luck on your Finals!

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