Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

"It doesn't look like much now, but someday it will be the science auditorium!"

That's what the 1961 Grassburr stated about the new addition to the science building! So, fifty years ago the Tarleton students began the 1961/62 school year with a new science auditorium! The March 7, 1961 J-TAC reported that the new addition was almost complete. The seating had been installed and only adjustments to the heating and air conditioning system, which automatically provided even temperatures, needed to be made! The new addition could have been used a short time during the spring and summer of 1961, but welcomed in the 1961/62 school year.

The 2,617 square foot science auditorium was added to the existing science building in response to a shortage of classroom space. It was to be used not only for the sciences, but was also used by other departments as well for their large lecture classes. Classes were held in the auditorium from then until the 1990s.

Groundbreaking for our new state of the art science building was held in February 1999. After its completion the old science building was renovated and is now the math building. The old science auditorium area can still be seen but has taken on a more "modern" look!

We welcome you to the new school year and hope that you have a great college experience!

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