Monday, September 12, 2011

See The Supernova This Week

This week features rare treat to see a supernova. No, we are not talking about a souped up Chevy, but a star that has burnt out. This supernova is only 21 million light years away. When compared to most supernovas that are 1 to 4 billion light years away, this one is really close in an astronomical sense.

The star is a Type 1a supernova used to calibrate distances in space is known as SN 2100fe is expected to peek in brightness the first part of this week. Because of its closeness to Earth and its brightness, it should be visible using a good pair of binoculars. To find the star look in the northern sky just after sunset. Find the Big Dipper, then look above the last 2 stars in the handle and it will be above it forming an equilateral triangle.

For a chart to assist you in fining the star go to :

For more information see this link:

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