Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I love numbers, or rather I love statistics!  Running reports and finding out how you guys use library resources helps the library determine which databases and tools are useful. Here are some interesting (at least to me) numbers from last year.
  • half a million+ people visited the library! (in person)
  • 166,293 people used library services from off campus
  • the library provides 206 database resources (when I started at Dick Smith Library fourteen years ago we only had 23) 
  • over 2,340,000 searches were run in library databases 
  • the library's online catalog was accessed more than 40,000 times
  • over 2.6 million sheets of paper were used in library printers
  • 47,170 items were checked out from the library
  • library laptops were loaned out 15,735 times
I could keep going, but I think those are some pretty impressive numbers.  ALL THOSE NUMBERS ARE UP.  I guess that means you like really like us!   Please keep utilizing the library...and give us feedback on how we are doing.  Post a comment and let us know if we are missing the boat or if there are other/additional resources you need. Hope to see you in the library soon!

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