Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Easy Ways to Conserve H2O

With the current drought conditions in Texas and most other southern states, conserving water has become an urgent need, and it's a need that each of us can take steps to address.

For starters, check out the eBay Green Team's 10 easy water-saving tips that can “significantly cut back on the 80 gallons of H2O that the average American uses every day.”
  1. Slow the flow
  2. Flush smarter
  3. Put less down the drain
  4. Turn it off
  5. Fill ‘er up!
  6. Think ahead
  7. Check for leaks
  8. Raise your glass
  9. Catch what you can
  10. Grow it out

Information about the eBay Green Team.

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Tracy said...

Great article W. Thanks for sharing.