Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

"Tarleton College Wins Recognition from Older School!"

The June 5, 1936 J-TAC stated that John Tarleton College had been put on the approved list of junior colleges by Arnold College, New Haven, Connecticut! Dean J. Thomas Davis had received a letter from Arnold College president Webster Stover stating that because of Tarleton's educational standing it had been placed on the list - it was a great honor! Graduates transferring from Tarleton to Arnold would receive in full all corresponding credits they had earned at Tarleton!

Arnold College was the oldest accredited co-educational college of physical education in the East! It granted Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees with teaching majors in physical education and teaching minors in history, English, and science. Arnold opened its doors in 1886 in Brooklyn, N.Y. as the Brooklyn Normal School for Physical Training. It later moved to New Haven, Connecticut. After several moves and several name changes, Arnold College was acquired by the University of Bridgeport in 1953, becoming its own division, offering diverse sports and education classes aimed at producing knowledgeable physical education teachers. Luckily Tarleton did not have to endure anything like this! Tarleton has grown by leaps and bounds since 1936!

Arnold College searched "for those who truly wish to make a significant contribution to tomorrow's world. Such individuals must know the how of teaching a myriad of activities and the intricacies of what makes the human organism tick. They must also know the why of both the scientific and motivational points of view to enable him or her to teach effectively". They were very concerned with the students' preparation and skills they would take with them when they graduated. They wanted students to get a feel for the entire field of education before entering the "real world."

Does this remind you of Tarleton and Keeping it REAL!

Way to go Tarleton!

I think we'd still be elgible for Arnold College's "approved list"!

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