Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Welcome to Summer 2011!

Hope you had a great break and welcome to Tarleton's 2011 first summer session!

75 years ago Tarleton saw a record enrollment, and summer enrollment is also up for 2011! In 1936 over 700 students were enrolled!

"When the pine trees pine and the paw-paws paw, and a huge bumble bee settles down for a comfortable rest on a grass lounger's nose, summer session will be open at Tarleton with a buzz. The campus and buildings have put on their Sunday best for a fine summer of study and sleep." The photo above shows the 1936 lawn and lounge furniture in front of Mary Corn Wilkerson dorm......ready and waiting for the bees and grass loungers!

In summer 1936 Tarleton boasted of having cool class rooms, electrically cooled water fountains all over campus, unexcelled faculty, rec hall, tennis courts, practically all the general courses as well as special ones!

Tarleton had all the certificate privileges for teachers as did the other first class colleges in the state. Classes could be counted toward the requirements for teacher certification. Provisions were made for teachers who needed to do additional work in curriculum, music, physical education, art, and nature.

An excellent summer course in Home Economics was taught, according to the June 5, 1936 J-TAC. Students learned how to feed a family of four "attractively and well" on $1.00 to $1.25 a day! They learned how to make an attractive table, provide a balanced diet, and the methods of serving for both formal and informal dinners.

The May 16, 1936 J-TAC stated that Tarleton had many advantages, including associates of high moral character, clubs, dances, dinners, convenient shopping, convenient studying areas, and an atmosphere of gay spirits mingled with the beautiful shades and the green of campus. It stated that Tarleton was recognized as one of the most beautiful campuses of the state!

Good luck and have a great summer - here on one of the most beautiful campuses in the state!

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