Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Dance and Pageant will be High Spots in Centennial Celebration!

March is Texas History Month, and yesterday was Texas Independence Day, as well as Sam Houston's birthday! The Texas Centennial Celebration was in 1936 and Tarleton celebrated right along with the rest of the state!

The March 7, 1936 J-TAC stated that the Texas flag would be flown during the centennial year. The flag began floating in the breeze March 2, 1936, the opening day of the Texas Centennial celebration! Other activities included a Centennial dance, shown in the photo above, with a replica of the Alamo in the background and the dancers in costume! On Friday of that week the Texas flag was flown at half-staff in memory of the Alamo!

Instead of the 1936 May Fete, a Centennial pageant was held. Texas history from the early settlements to the present day were presented by all the students of the college! "Texas Under Six Flags" was the theme for the May Fete! Miss May Jones was chairman of the program committee. There were six episodes: Texas under France, Texas under Spain, and Texas under Mexico, Texas as a Republic, Texas during the Confederacy, and Texas as a part of the United States!

Statewide, the yellowed "Charter of Empire" was taken from the Capitol to Washington on the Brazos by a special detail of Texas Rangers. Governor Allred formally opened the Centennial which was followed by a parade from Brenham to old Washington on the Brazos where descendants of the 59 signers of the Declaration of Independence took part in a portrayal of the signing of the original document! After that the party went to Huntsville where General Sam Houston first cried "Remember the Alamo". Then they went to San Antonio to take part in the celebration at the blood-stained Alamo!

What a great Texas Celebration, both by Tarleton and the state! Maybe some of your spring break travels will include some Texas history spots, being that it is Texas History Month!

Grassburr, 1936.
J-TAC, March 7, 1936.

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