Sunday, February 27, 2011

100 years overdue

A Massachusetts library agreed to waive fines for a book a man says he discovered in his deceased mother's things that was nearly 100 years overdue. Stanley Dudek, 75, of Mansfield said the book, "Facts I Ought to Know about the Government of My Country," was 99 years, seven months and 12 days overdue when he returned it to the New Bedford Library. Dudek said he believes the book, which bore a May 2, 1910, due date, was checked out by someone else and loaned to his mother when she moved to the United States from Poland at the age of 14. The Mansfield man said he worried the library's old penny-a-day late fee system would have caused a fine of more than $360.00 at the time of the book's return, but surprised library staffers waived the fee and said the book, now a historical artifact, is headed for a special collection.
Library officials said the book was apparently first checked out in 1906.

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