Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What do you consider a necessity?

When I was a child I remember not owning a television set for a brief span of years. I do not own a smart phone; I make do with a cheap prepaid phone that is about 3 years old. It works, and when the battery is fully charged it will last 2 weeks without need for a recharge.

What is considered a necessity now that was not a necessity in 1970? Check out the blog Stephen's Lighthouse and see the differences between now and then. What is something that you cannot live without? Post a comment and let me know what you cannot live without.


Rashelleh said...

True, I don't have to have a smartphone, but it's fun, and it's actually the only high-priced item I own. I don't have a land-line phone and never want one. I think you get a lot more spam callers through a land-line too, but that's just a personal theory.
I don't have cable anymore and my converter box was given to someone who needed it more than I did (back when I did have cable). But she still needs it more than I do; so, eh, I'll deal. This has actually improved my reading skills though. And I enjoy my house a lot more. :)
The next thing to go is Netflix. It's cheaper than cable and is currently my only source of entertainment for movies, but it's not necessary, and I can do without it if need be.
I don't have internet b/c it's too expensive, and most of what I would use the internet for, I can get through my smartphone. But if I was in an extremely tight bind, then yes, I would have to say hasta luego to my smartphone and stick with a regular cell which would save me bundles of money.
The only other thing that I can cut back on is going out to eat. I already have cut back on this, and I'll be very upset if I have to cut back more. My parents always considered it a treat to go out to eat when I was little...even if it was just to a fast food place. In consequence, that idea has stuck with me all these years, and it's been really hard to cut back on, but I'm trying.
I think I'm ok for now though.

Rashelleh said...

wow, that was long. sorry.