Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

New Agriculture Building Has Interesting Features!

Several things were going on in October 1951! The new agriculture building was completed, the old agriculture bulding was torn down, and the new dairy barn was almost completed! Dedication of the new Agriculture Building highlighted the homecoming festivities that year!

The new $325,000 agriculture building housed the classrooms and offices of the Agriculture Division as well as those of the Business Administration and English Department! The new sidewalks, that I wrote about in last week's blog, connected the beautiful new three story structure with the rest of the campus!

Situated over the main entrance was the sculptured figure of a bull imbeded in the brick wall, representing progressive agriculture. This decorative ornament seemed particularly appropriate to the purpose of furthering agriculture at TSC!

Decorated in a soft light green motif, the green and glazed brick tile combination kept the color scheme from hurting the eyes! The latest modern streamlined florescent lighting was arranged to give out as much light as possible without causing strain on the eyes! The new building also had excellent acoustics, wide, airy, and roomy offices with plenty of working space as well as storage and easily accessible fire escapes through doors rather than windows.

The lecture room and auditorium seated approximately 200 people and had projection rooms, movie projectors, and screen, curved bottom seats, AND the rear entrance was arranged so that a tractor or other vehicle could be brought directly into the showing room!

The only drawbacks were the need for more pencil sharpeners, an airconditioning system, and the installation of elevators! "But who knows, perhaps these improvements and others too will be made in the future!"

J-TAC, October 10, 1951.

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