Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

"Rain or No Rain, Books Must Be Moved!
Adhesive Mud Haunts Cadet's Afternoon"!

"As if by magic, a job comes to a Tarleton cadet. Although rain is falling as usual, the cadet is to work on the campus for another half-day. Because the Library is being changed to the new addition of the Science Building, the books must be moved!"

"When the clock strikes 9, the rain has quit falling, and our young friend is helping move books at a fairly swift gait. At 9:30 the rain starts! By 10 the cadet is working less energetically and someone suggested using a gondola. At 11 the loads are getting heavier and the mud getting sticky. Finally it is noon and the cadet hurries to lunch to think of books and mud all afternoon and far into the night."

The September 14, 1935 J-TAC stated that the addition to the science building was nearly complete. The Library had been moved to the first floor and would be open the first day of school! It further stated that the library would be located there until a library building was built. That didn't happen until 1956, with the construction of the center portion of our current library! The photograph above shows students studying in the library when it was located on the first floor of the science building.

Of course, the old science building is now the math building, and I bet it would take a lot longer to "move" the library books now!

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