Monday, July 12, 2010

Where Americans Are Moving

That Americans are on the move should not come as a surprise. We are a very mobile society today. Almost from the time of the first settlers, there has been a movement westward. Today we move because of jobs, education, or retirement as examples. The Internal Revenue Service compiled a map using data from 2008 that indicates the number of people that moved from one county to another and their average income. By clicking on a county, the map highlights those counties where there was an exchange of population. For example in 2008 16 people with an average income of $16,200 moved from Eastland County to Erath County and 52 people with an average income of $14,300 moved from Erath County to Eastland County. The map also has buttons for areas such as Seattle, Los Angles, Dallas, Chicago, and Detroit. There a few surprises and a few things that are not surprises. You can explore the map at

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Kim said...

This is so interesting. Thanks for the information. I already looked up my home county.