Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

How Will You Spend your July 4th Weekend?

One photo above shows a group of unidentified swimmers at Club Lake! Perhaps this is what a group of Tarleton students looked like - the July 15, 1927 J-TAC told of a Tarleton "Fourth of July Picnic." The Tarleton girls that did not go home for the 4th entertained friends and guests at Club Lake! "With a big straw hat in one hand and a bathing suit in the other they loaded up and went to the lake and were soon having a grand time!" Club Lake is mostly a privately owned development now, but still exists north of town off 281. Years ago it was "the" place to go and many young people spent lots of time there!

A few years later, according to the July 11, 1930 J-TAC, about 12 girls stayed on campus the 4th. On Friday night, after playing golf, going to the show, and playing bridge, they settled in to fight mosquitoes and sleep, when one of the girls called out "lets eat watermelon"! So they enjoyed ice cold watermelon at about 11 pm! On Saturday they could have watched the Stephenville 4th of July parade! The other photo above shows a Stephenville resident, Babe Jones and friends, riding in a July 4th parade float! That Saturday night in 1930 the girls feasted on cantaloupe ala mode! They then got a little noisy and giggly before calling it a night!

Sunday, the final day of the July 4th holiday, the girls' roommates started coming back and were given a "grand reception", even though it was the end of their little July 4th houseparty! The 1930 girls ended by saying that "this was just another day that goes down to be remembered among our good times!"

Happy July 4th whatever you do!
May it go down and be remembered among your good times!

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