Friday, June 18, 2010

You Don't Text? Well, That May Change

Mary Scott Nabers, CEO of Strategic Partnerships, Inc. posted to the Texas Government Insider that the State of Texas has launched a new Web portal, The State of Texas is now communicating with taxpayers through Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube sites.


The state sent a "tweet " on Twitter after launching the new Web site to announce a "human translated" Spanish version of the site. And its first YouTube offering was a video demo of the new Web portal.


Governmental agencies are using social media and wireless communication because it is efficient and quick. This trend is not expected to diminish. So, "never say never" to tweeting and/or texting. Who knows, we all may be doing both in the near future.

For the complete article go to Texas Government Insider, June 11, 2010.

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Kim said...

Wow.. that's incredible. I think it is so funny that they are going that way, but I guess it does save paper. And, it seems as if everyone communicates via text or social network.