Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Mexico vs. France. In 1861, France invaded Mexico because Benito Juarez stopped making interest payments to those countries that Mexico owed money to. France was planning on taking over Mexico, and, at first, they were successful, but, on May 5, 1862, Mexican forces were able to defeat the French army in the city of Puebla. This defeat is what is celebrated each year because the Mexican army was considerably outnumbered by a very well-equipped French army that had not been defeated in 50 years. The Battle of Puebla only delayed France at the time though. They soon advanced on Mexico City, and a year later occupied Mexico and placed Emperor Maximilian I on the throne. In 1866-67, the French withdrew from Mexico due to pressure from the United States. Maximilian was deposed by President Benito Juarez and executed. Since this battle, no other country has invaded the Americas.

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