Monday, March 29, 2010

Did You Know?

Today is Oscar Mayer's birthday. Oscar Mayer was born on March 29, 1859 in Kösingen, Württemberg in Germany. In 1873, he began work as a butcher's apprentice in a meat market in Detroit, then went on to work at another job at Kohlhammer's market in Chicago, and spent 6 years working in the Chicago stockyards after that. Oscar's brother, Gottfried, joined him in the states and together they started a business selling bockwurst, liverwurst, and weisswurst. Soon after, their brother, Max, joined the company. Within a few years, they had a thriving business. They became one of the first to brand their meat products and used numerous names at first before deciding on the Oscar Mayer Weiner brand in 1929. They were also one of the first to be federally approved and to wrap their products individually making them instantly recognizable.

For more company history, visit the Oscar Mayer website.

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