Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day in the library's catalog

With Valentine's Day coming up in just a couple days, I thought I'd list a selection of good subjects you can try searching in DSL's catalog if you'd like books on love, relationships, romance, and more.
  • Man-woman relationships
  • Mate selection
  • Courtship
  • Intimacy (Psychology)
  • Love
  • Love-letters
  • Love poetry
  • Love songs
  • Love stories
  • Marriage
Subjects like these will point you to everything from Pamela C. Regan's The Mating Game: a Primer on Love, Sex, and Marriage to Elizabeth Lowell's Outlaw. I hope you find something you like!


Janie said...

And then there is always the book, The Bitter Woman's Guide to Dating--which is supposed to be amusing.

Yvonne said...

@Janie...Well, there goes my book title.
@Melissa: I noticed there's no entries for woman-woman or man-man relationships. Interesting.

Melissa said...

@Yvonne: Well, there's Lesbianism, Lesbians, Sex instruction for lesbians, Same-sex marriage, Gay couples, Gays, Gay men, Sex instruction for gay men, and more...but, like you said, no Woman-woman or Man-man relationships. To be fair, Man-woman relationships isn't always used for things on romantic man-woman relationships, but it does tend to be used that way. I checked some of the lesbian/gay headings in our catalog, and either they didn't point to materials on romantic relationships or we have no books that use those headings.

See, catalogers can make just about anything seem dry. :)