Thursday, February 4, 2010

The New Tarleton Student Center

On February 2, 1964 the new Tarleton Student Center officially opened! Hailed as the greatest improvement on the Tarleton campus in many years, the $500,000 building housed the post office, college store, lounge area, snack bar and eating area, ballroom, conference rooms, and a downstairs game area. "The Cave" , where dances were held, was also downstairs.

The game room originally included five pool tables, three table tennis tables, card tables, and provisions for adding a bowling alley. When the student center first opened the third level was unfinished but later became offices and meeting rooms.

Students were very pleased with their new center, as evidenced by a poll taken by the J-TAC. Most felt it gave the students a place to go at night and on weekends, not only ones living on campus but especially those living off campus and at home. They felt that it was one of the best things that ever happened to Tarleton and would attract new students. One student did comment that more people seemed to be using the student center, but it would look much better for the guys to remove their hats while on the inside!

Joe E. Davis became the new director of the student center. He commented that he had been tremendously impressed with the conduct of the students attending the social functions in the new student center!

The student center was the center of activity on campus from its' opening in February 1964 until the present student center was completed in 1994. Currently the Tarleton Center houses several university offices.

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Anonymous said...

what happened to the game room, last time i was down there it was empty!!?

Glenda said...

Are you asking about the current student center or the Tarleton Center?

Janie said...

I still wish guys would remove their hats inside, but that ain't gonna happen.