Wednesday, February 10, 2010

50 Banned Books that Everyone Should Read

It is cold and miserable, and I am tired of winter (a daring thing for a Texan to say). But, on the bright side, this is a great opportunity to read.

Yes, we discuss banned books quite a bit in this blog, but I discovered a new site to share with you, Online College Degree, which offers an interesting list of banned books.

If you feel like being really wild, and raising eyebrows, read Little Women! or Dr. Seuss! out where folks can see you! Really? Many of my favorites are listed. Wow! I never realized my reading choices have been this controversial! And worse (??) yet, I have given several of these books to my daughter to read.

Are your favorites included?


Kim said...

Awesome post. I didn't know I was such a rebel. I have read several of the books on the list.

Janie said...

Uh oh! Now you have spilled the beans! I am in good company, then.