Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday - 10 Ways the Library can help during Finals week

Are finals driving you crazy? Here are a few ways the Library can help you get through this week with your head still intact.
  1. Extended hoursUse them wisely.
  2. LibX toolbar – Search the catalog without going through the front page.
  3. A-Z database list – Find the articles you need for all your last-minute research.
  4. Ask a Librarian – It’s ok. They won’t bite.
  5. Brochures – Use them to find what you’re looking for and then take them with you.
  6. Meeting rooms – Find a quiet place to study alone or with a group.
  7. ILL/Suggest a purchase – If we don’t have a book you’re looking for, you can either request it through our Interlibrary Loan service or request that we add it to our collection.
  8. Read for fun – There are many fiction books located at the end of the PS section upstairs as well as in the PZ section downstairs.
  9. Coffee – It helps.
  10. Updates – Keep up with new library updates on Facebook, Twitter, the LOL blog, or Flickr.
Comments/Suggestions? You know what to do.

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Tarleton Libraries said...

I would add COMPUTERS! The library has 172 available for use.