Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Worst Halloween Treats


Last year for Halloween I posted about Halloween candy…this year I'll give you a list of worst Halloween Treats. People mean well…and sometimes it is nice to get something that is not sweet. Most of things are GREAT…just not for Halloween treats. If you knock on my door…its chocolate all the way!
  • Apples – love fruit just not for Halloween
  • Raisins
  • Quarters or Pennies – (thank you grandma!) but in today's world that just does not cut it
  • Toothbrushes – (clever idea!)
  • Juice/drinks boxes – no tomato or carrot please
  • an IOU – one year my neighbor forgot to buy candy so she gave out IOUs
  • Brochures or pamphlets – no religious, healthy, or informational literature please
  • Sugar-free items – they just don't taste right
  • Pencils
  • Food coupons

Enjoy the list! If you have additional items please share! Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!


Kim said...

Hmm... I thought raisins were a good idea. Oops! Will do better this year!

Sandy said...

Wow, I really thought the little green New Testaments that I have stacked in my office would be a cool "Spirit" filled treat for the little Ghost and Gobblins.