Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome to the Weird (and sometimes Sad) World of Human Behavior

Wow! I just found the strangest web site! It is Social Psychology Eye. They monitor journals on human behavior (and you may access many of the journals via the library, my friends), and share snippets of information here.

I just learned a few random, bizarre facts at this site:

People who think their health is better than most are more likely NOT to get a flu shot, making them more susceptible to the flu. (BTW, CDC recommends taking the flu shot now, and taking the H1N1 shot in October.)

When considering issues, people who carried a heavy clipboard were inclined to rate the issues as more important than people carrying a lightweight clipboard. (Maybe TSU should pass out heavy clipboards for students for class!!)

If you want to feel closer to someone (and vice versa), opt for a coffee shop rather than a bar, and have warm beverages, not 'a cold one'.

And sadly sadly sadly
A third of teenage girls in a relationship suffer unwanted sexual acts and a quarter suffer physical violence. OH!! Ladies! Are you and two buddies reading this together? Statistically, one of you is in a relationship like this! Run/Call/Email the
Main #9044.

I should end on a happier note, but this is too important.

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