Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday – Twitter DOs and DON'Ts

I like all the cool new technology and toys that seem to pop up over night! It is so much fun to play and learn about this stuff. Twitter is my new favorite. Do you twitter? Do you have lots of followers? Many celebrities, television programs, and news organizations have over 1 million followers each! Check out the Top 100 Twitterholics with the most followers at http://twitterholic.com/. I wanted to share these Twitter DOs and DON'Ts. You can find more tips about Twitter from PC Magazine.
  • Don't say anything that could get you fired or prevent you from getting a job. Tweets are public and are open to everyone.
  • Do shrink your URLs – this makes it easier to follow your links.
  • Don't be boring. A simple rule - "Never tweet about food or the weather."
  • Do categorize your tweets for added visibility.
  • Don't tweet more than ten times a day, or more than five times an hour. If you have that much to say, maybe it belongs on a blog.
  • Do share pictures. Don't tell us about something cool or life-changing without a link or picture.
  • Don't reply to every single tweet. That will get old fast.
  • Do make Twitter useful - follow the news.
  • Don't tweet drunk - You will regret your tweets in the morning.
  • Do promote yourself - your work, your school, etc.
  • Don't ignore people who send you a direct message or a reply. Part of the fun is conversing with your followers.
Try Twitter! It really is fun.


Yvonne said...

Have you tried Twine and Tribes (tools to use with Twitter)?

Tracy said...

No. Are they good?