Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday - Easter Top Tens

In no particular order, here are ten popular Easter candies:

1. Marshmallow Peeps
2. Chocolate Bunnies
3. Jelly Beans
4. M&M’s – Easter pastels
5. Cadbury Crème Eggs (see photo)
6. malted milk chocolate speckled Robins' Eggs
7. Nestle Crunch Nest Eggs
8. Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg
9. Reester Bunnies
10. Reese's Pieces Carrot

(OK, so I like Reese’s, and this list is entirely made up. That's what happens when you cover for Top Ten Tracy - who is out of town - and discover what you'd planned to post has already been posted, and now it's Wednesday!)

A virtual "Easter egg" is a hidden feature, picture, or sound clip found in nearly all pieces of software. Easter eggs can be a hidden mini game, a funny picture of the development crew, or simply a programmer's name. Easter eggs are also found in DVD movies, so look out for them in the menus. Here are the Top Ten Software Easter Eggs and the Top Ten DVD Easter Eggs.

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