Monday, March 2, 2009

Get Tips for Managing Email

With the campus switching to the Microsoft Live@Edu email service (more information), now's a great time to learn ways to better manage the ever-increasing number of email messages that hit your inbox.

Several online forums offer tips for managing email. For example, TechProse offers Managing Email, which gives suggestions for
  • breaking the pattern of continuous interruption,
  • organizing emails, and
  • writing emails.

Merlin Mann of 43 Folders offers Five Fast Email Productivity Tips that will help you "take back your day" from the email barrage.

Finally, you can get lots more tips from the 13 brief articles listed and linked on Helium's Time Efficient Tips for Managing Your Email.

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Dan Anderson said...

Here are some additional tips for using Microsoft Live@edu:

The Live@edu Tips include:
1. Manage your contacts and schedule appointments with friends
2. Use Windows Live SkyDrive to access files virtually anywhere
3. Connect to Xbox LIVE or Zune Marketplace using your Live@edu ID
4. Save on your phone bill by using Windows Live Messenger Web Calling
5. Sync your Live@edu e-mail with your mobile phone
6. Share your photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Photos
7. Collaborate on a group project using Microsoft Office Live Workspace
8. Write a blog using Windows Live Writer