Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

(clipping from February 14, 1956 J-TAC)
Valentines' Day at Tarleton
The brother and sister social clubs, D.S.T. and Los Cabelleros, held their first Valentine Dance in 1947. The social clubs thrived until the arrival of the Greek fraternities and sororities in the mid 1980’s. The 1947 Grassburr states:

"Many of the most representative, hard-working girls on the campus represent the D.S.T.’s. They work on the JTAC, Grassburr, A.W.S., and T.T.S. They all work for Tarleton. In February they entertained with an all-club Valentine Presentation Ball. Organized in 1938 this club has grown to be one of the best girls clubs on the campus. With their brother club, the Los Caballeros, the D.S.T.’s promote a feeling of friendship on the campus”.

The 1947 Grassburr also states:

"The motto of the los Caballeros might well be “friendship and progress in the social life of Tarleton”. Sponsors of the first “tag club dance” in Tarleton’s history, its members are ever on the lookout for new ideas. They have proved themselves to be among the students that make Tarleton what it is. They are the brother club of the D.S.T.”

"The D.S.T. and Los Cobbs also attended church services together several times a year. Miss Lola Rivers Thompson, former Head of the Tarleton Library, was the D.S.T. sponsor in 1945/46.

Happy Valentines' Day!

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