Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday – Study Skills

The third Tuesday of the new semester - Wow how time flies! It is time to start that research and hit the books. I wanted to give you this list of Top Ten Study Skills.

Top Ten Tips on Study Skills

  1. Budget your time.
  2. Read everything assigned.
  3. Do all assignments.
  4. Take good notes.
  5. Organize and use your notes.
  6. Find a good place to study. (I recommend the library!)
  7. Take care of yourself.
  8. Minimize distractions. (The upper floor of the Library is a quiet study zone.)
  9. Consider forming a study group or groups. (The library has group study rooms available for use.)
  10. Ask for help.

The reference desk of the Library is staffed with professional librarians who provide personalized service to assist with learning and research needs. You may get help and ask questions in person at the library, by phone at 254-968-9249, by email, or via the web at http://www.tarleton.edu/~library/askaref.html

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