Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday – Returned Gifts

Welcome back from the holiday! It's Tuesday again. I finally finished having Christmas this past weekend, so it's time to return those gifts. Not really, I love everything I got. However this is the big gift return season. Check out this list from List Universe and see if you can relate.

Top 10 Most Returned Gifts

10. Duplicate Toys
9. Housewares
8. Movies
7. Video Games
6. Music
5. Shoes
4. Spouse-Inappropriate Gifts
3. Clothing
2. Age-Inappropriate Toys
1. Something You Just Plain Didn't Want

With School starting back next week I've got some really good Top Ten's to come. I hope you continue to check out the LOL – Library Online Lounge. Good Luck this semester.

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