Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday – Top 10 Study Tips

The last week of school! Can you believe it?

Here is a Top Ten list to help you through finals. From the College Lifestyle Blog – Top 10 Study Tips.

  1. Find a quiet area and ditch the distractions.

  2. Love your libraries.

  3. Make a schedule and stick with it until it becomes your routine.

  4. Set aside an hour or two each morning to study.

  5. Review your notes before and after class.

  6. Take a quick break after every 60 minutes of studying.

  7. Avoid "all-nighters."

  8. Snack healthy.

  9. Study in groups.

  10. Don't stress about studying.

Read the entire post to find out how each of these can help you study for finals.
GOOD LUCK on your exams!

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