Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

On November 9, 1956 the “new” library was dedicated with over 1000 in attendance. This “new” library was the first time the Tarleton library had its’ own building. The Dick Smith Library has had two additions, in 1968 and in 1985, and a complete renovation and addition in 2006. The original 1956 portion of the building still exists in the center of the building.

In November 2006 a rededication ceremony was held to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the original building and the completion of the renovation and addition. The 1956 time capsule and a new 2006 time capsule were set in the foyer to be opened in fifty years.

For more information about the history of the Dick Smith Library read Frank Chamberlain’s narrative The Many Homes of the Tarleton Library in the library Cross Timbers Historic Images Project database:
The entire Cross Timbers Historic Images Project is available from the library home page.

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