Monday, October 13, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday - Top 10 useful moves in MS Office

It's top ten Tuesday again!

From Philip Su, principal software engineer at Microsoft. Here are his "10 most useful secret ninja moves to increase your productivity and win friends and lovers." - Be sure and go to . They have text and pictures to help you learn about these features and tips! There are even more helpful hints in the comments!

I really love numbers 6 and 8!!!

1: Format painter (Office)
2: Paragraph in/out/up/down (Office)
3: Increase or decrease font size (Office)
4: Quick Access Toolbar (Office)
5: Fill handle (Excel)
6: Moving and copying cells by dragging selection borders (Excel)
7: Status bar statistics (Excel)
8: Clear formatting (Word and PowerPoint)
9: Advanced field search (Outlook)
10: Presenter view (PowerPoint)

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