Friday, July 11, 2008

The Quest for Sustainable Balance

"One can only call that youth healthful which refuses to be reconciled to old ways and which, foolishly or shrewdly, combats the old. This is nature’s charge and all progress hinges upon it."

The truth in Anton Chekhov's words is played out daily by young people world-wide as they take action individually, in groups, and with communities to help restore balance in nature.

This committment to action is easy to spot in the submissions to the
2008 P3 Award Competition, which "is a national student design contest administered by EPA's National Center for Environmental Research." This competition fosters "projects to benefit people, promote prosperity, and protect the planet (P3)."

Student project titles for 2008 include

  • A Novel Reactor Design for Efficient Production of Biodiesel from High Free-Fatty-Acid Oils
  • Catching the Wind: A Low Cost Method for Wind Power Site Assessment
  • Electrochemical Arsenic Remediation in Rural Bangladesh
  • Production of Natural Plastics in Wastewater Treatment
  • The Boone Bicycle Initiative: A Community Based Project to Promote Bicycles as an Alternative Mode of Transportation

Want to learn more? Just go to P3: People, Prosperity and the Planet Student Design Competition for Sustainability and you can.

Who knows, maybe Tarleton students could be the next winners. Think Green!

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