Friday, June 6, 2008

Tips for Fuel Economy

My car dealership sent a flyer with 5 tips for Fuel Economy - I came up with a SIXTH!
  • Leave the heavy lifting to someone else - Empty out your trunk and backseat of unnecessary items. According to, an extra 100 pounds in the trunk will reduce your fuel economy by 1 to 2%
  • Don't be in a rush - Increased starting and stopping, constantly changing lanes and fast acceleration all decrease fuel economy. Driving the speed limit also helps. The Department of Energy (DOE) reports that for every 5 mph you drive over 65, you suffer a 7% decrease in fuel economy.
  • Don't sit idly by - Even if your's not hitting the gas, your engine needs fuel to keep running, Waiting for someone? Park the care and sit with the engine off if it's going to be longer than 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Take a cruise, carefully - If you drive mostly on flat terrain, use cruise control to maintain a safe speed that's fuel efficient. But don't use cruise control on a hilly terrain. The engine will rev ascending hills to try to maintain your selected speed which could cost you a lot of money at the pump.
  • Make one trip - Do you need to go to the grocery store and the dry cleaner? Do it in one trip. Going home between errands may not seem like a big deal, but if it's a habit, it could cost you hundreds of dollars in fuel costs.
  • Use the Library from HOME! - our databases are available off-campus 24/7. We have over 60,000 electronic books also available. You can phone or email if we can be of any help!

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