Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meet Our Staff: Gary Spurr

Gary Spurr
Dick Smith Library-Lower Level – room B05B

Gary is responsible for processing and describing manuscript and archive collections at the Dick Smith Library and the W. K. Gordon Center in Thurber. At the Dick Smith Library, these include the Charles W. Stenholm Congressional papers, C. Richard King collection, and university archives. Collections at the Gordon Center include the records of the Texas Pacific Oil Company, the papers of individuals who lived in Thurber, maps, and photographs.

Gary started at the Dick Smith Library on January 3, 2008. He has a BA in History and an MA in History with a Certificate of Archival Management, both from UT Arlington (UTA). Prior to coming to Tarleton, he was the university, labor, and political archivist at UTA for a number of years, where he worked with a variety of collections including maps and oral histories. Prior to becoming an archivist, he was employed by Kodak in the Dallas Processing Lab where he did everything but run a film processor.

In his free time, he enjoys doing things with his grandchildren, photography (especially of military aircraft), and going to air shows. He also never turns down a chance to ride horses or go sailing. His favorite author is Margaret Atwood, favorite TV series is Dead Like Me, and favorite western is Silverado. He has two dogs and two cats.

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