Thursday, April 24, 2008

Living Green

Continuing the Earth Day theme, here are some books that will help you understand WHY it is so important to change our ways. Kermit the Frog has told us that it's not easy being green. These books inform us that it will be much worse if we choose NOT to be 'green'.

Porritt. Capitalism as if the world matters (HC79.E5 P667 2007 in the Dick Smith Library) and
Sachs. Common Wealth: Economics for a crowded planet.

Our real enemy is not a political one, but ourselves, because we ignore the perils of climate change. You may have heard of an ancient Pogo cartoon 'We have Met the Enemy and He Is Us'. We may have a little time to change the direction our world has taken. Check out what cities are doing:

AND, how 'bout them libraries? Green Libraries

As you become involved in building projects--your home, your place of employment, etc., think about your environmental footprint.

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