Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Michael Wesch’s YouTube video "The Machine is Us/ing Us" (aka "Web 2.0 in Just Under 5 Minutes") is an insightful look at how technology impacts everyone's lives.

The video explores ideas like:

  • “change in one area (such as the way we communicate) can have a profound effect on everything else, including family, love, and our sense of being itself,”
  • “everything is connected throughout all time,”
  • “all people on the planet are connected,” and
  • technology creates opportunities “for us to make a profound difference in the world.”

This video is one of the projects by Wesch and a group of cultural anthropology students (digital ethnography working group) that explore “impacts of digital technology on human interaction and human interaction on digital technology.”

You’ll find an informative interview with Michael Wesch that discusses this video and other projects on John Battelle’s Searchblog.

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