Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's Mesmerizing...Hypnotic...Addictive! It's Flickrvision!

Flickrvision is a really cool mashup that combines the power of Google Maps with the worldwide usage of photo hosting website Flickrvision lets you see the location on Google Maps of new pictures posted to Flickr as they are uploaded in real time. You can click on a photo to get an expanded view with some more details (such as the photo title and description if available).

Creator Dave Troy says, “We use geotagging data from the actual photos where it is available, and then rely on the user's profile location in cases where it is not. Because less than 1% of photos [on Flickr] are geotagged, we rely on user profile location heavily. This is why when you look at the expanded view of each photo it says 'posted less than a minute ago from London', etc."

Content from O'Reilly Radar,, and Google Earth Blog.

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